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Open Document Spreadsheet (ODS) files use a standardised XML-based file format to make it easier to share documents using open-source software. Column, row and cell calculations are included in the file data as well as text and graphics in what is also known as OASIS format, referring to a computing organisation that was founded to encourage and facilitate open standards.

Originally used by applications such as OpenOffice and StarOffice, the proprietary Microsoft Excel spreadsheet program can also read ODS files – although some older versions of Excel may require the OpenXML and ODF Translator software add-in.

With .ods files, it is possible to share spreadsheets more openly and without any need to purchase proprietary commercial software such as MS Excel. If the creator of a worksheet file saves the document or worksheet in .ods format, other users who have PCs or workstations without Excel but with open-source spreadsheet software will then be able to open and use that spreadsheet file.

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