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A rtf file is a text file that has been saved in the Rich Text format. Unlike a txt (Plain Text) file it also contains formatting code like italics, bold or underline, different font styles and sizes, text formatting info, and it may include images and embedded objects (output from other applications, e.g. tables).

The Rich Text format has been in use by Windows between 1987 and 2008 and has been continually revised. Though rtf files can be opened by very many text editors and word processing software programs, they might not be displayed completely as intended. Specifically, the program might not be able to display images and embedded objects.

Still, rtf files remain useful because they are supported by many programs and can be exchanged between different platforms and operating systems. Unlike other document formats, rtf files usually contain text sections that can be read relatively straightforwardly even when opened as a plain text file.

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