The Nikon Electronic Format (NEF) is a raw format from Nikon digital cameras used to store the Japanese manufacturer's digital negative cameras. NEF files work with a significantly higher color depth than comparable JPEGs (12 or 14 bits, instead of 8 bits) and offer greater flexibility than comparable RAW formats such as TIFF. As a […]

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RAW is a file format that is also considered a digital negative. At first, raw only specifies a certain raw data format in which images or videos are either not compressed at all, loss-free or lossy, in order to allow as flexible a postprocessing as possible. Different camera manufacturers rely on RAW format on different […]

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AVI to MP4

avi files (Audio Video Interleave) are so-called container formats for audio, video and text content. The AVI format was developed by Windows in 1992 to play audiovisual data on the operating system and originally served as an extension of the Resource Interchange File Format (RIFF). Today AVI files are mainly used to display videos in […]

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