The file format OXPS is a pdf-like format for documents based on a layout structure in archive form. The Open XML Paper Specification is a format in which a fixed layout including images is saved and can therefore be reproduced as desired by the author. OXPS in its current form exists since the year 2009 […]

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.oxps files replaced the .xps files in Windows 8 (and in Windows 10, too). However, .oxps files and .xps files are not compatible – so Windows 7’s default XPS-Viewer can’t open xps files. To view .oxps files in Windows 7 you should easily convert them from .oxps to .pdf. File-Converter-Online.com does that job for you: […]

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XPS files are a format developed by Microsoft which competes with pdf – accordingly the application areas of .pdf and .xps are similar: in particular printable documents and graphics and a formattreuueueueung on different devices. The .xps format was introduced with Microsoft Windows Vista and was replaced with the introduction of Windows 8 by the […]

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