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The file format OXPS is a pdf-like format for documents based on a layout structure in archive form. The Open XML Paper Specification is a format in which a fixed layout including images is saved and can therefore be reproduced as desired by the author. OXPS in its current form exists since the year 2009 when ECMA published the open standard – OXPS can be displayed natively by newer Windows versions. Other than the similar naming suggest, OXPS is not compatible with Microsoft's predecessor xps format. Files must first be converted to the other format. Like PDFs, OXPS files provide a vector-based format and built-in fonts to allow scaling when printing or enlarging. However, the most important distinguishing criterion when using an OXPS file is the implementation of digital signatures or digital rights management. OXPS files can be read by free apps like Evince and Eyepiece, printing on OXPS documents is also easy.

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