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Join your PDF files with Upload your files, change the order if needed and click download. You even can upload files of different types (e.g. pdf, odt and doc together) and get ONE PDF file as the converted and joined result. Merging pdf has never been easier: No download, no installation, no waiting time […]

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In .eps files are encapsulated Postscript files (English: Encapsulated Postscript). For example, .EPS files can contain images, text or vector graphics (similar to pdf), so converting to image formats such as .png is possible, but of course also to .pdf files – for example for printing.

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A cr2 file is an image saved in Canon’s proprietary cr2 format. It is used by many Canon digital cameras. A cr2 file contains exactly what was captured by the camera, without any compression or processing. This is what is known as a raw format. Most digital cameras export images in a more common format, […]

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