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A cr2 file is an image saved in Canon’s proprietary cr2 format. It is used by many Canon digital cameras. A cr2 file contains exactly what was captured by the camera, without any compression or processing. This is what is known as a raw format.
Most digital cameras export images in a more common format, such as jpg, which automatically compresses the data, reducing the size of the image file. Exporting a RAW file means that no data has been lost, but also gives you a large file. Not all computers will recognise cr2 files directly, and you may find that you can look at images, but not work on them, or that the images will not open at all.
While some commercial software allows you to open cr2 files and work on them directly, it is often easier to convert the image file to a different format before processing it. Files in the cr2 format have the .cr2 extension. offers various target formats for CR2 files, e.g. .jpg, .png and even .pdf.

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