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The cdr file extension is used for more than one file type. In most cases though, a cdr file will contain a CorelDraw Image saved in the CDR graphics format, a proprietary format for storing vector graphics. Besides CorelDraw and other programs from the Corel suite, cdr image files can be opened e.g. with Adobe Illustrator and Microsoft Visio. With software add-ons, cdr files are also supported by Inkscape and LibreOffice.

A cdr file might also be a hard disc image created with the Disk Utility program on an Apple computer. Disc images are archives of the disc content, ready to be burnt to a CD/DVD.

A cdr file may contain audio data extracted from an audio CD. This format is recognized by several audio programs.

Finally, cdr can stand for crash data retrieval. Such files are created by a software tool that retrieves data from Event Data Recorders: sensor devices mounted inside a car or truck that can store information about vehicle accidents, comparable to an airplane black box.

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