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The epub (short for electronic publication) file extension signifies an e-book file that has been saved according to the EPUB standard. EPUB is a non-proprietary, vendor-independent e-book format that is based on html and is supported by a large number of hardware e-book readers, computer software and smartphone apps. Though EPUB takes only a negligible share of commercial e-book publications, it is widespread among suppliers of public domain content. It has some advantages over pdf, e.g. text can be optimized for different displays.

Being a zip-compressed archive, an epub file contains numerous files: the book content coded in HTML, optional image files and style sheets, and metadata, i.e. information on how to put together the components of the e-book.

Several epub readers are available on all major hardware platforms except Amazon Kindle. To read an epub file on a Kindle, it needs to be converted to a supported format like pdf, mobi, azw or kf8.

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