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The gif file format has experienced a real comeback in recent years and is now one of the more commonly used formats on the Internet. Originally, the Graphics Interchange Format was developed to store compact image files with transparencies as a sequence of images and also to be able to play them at slower connection speeds from the browser. In 1987 GIF replaced the predecessor format RLE. Developed by Steve Wilhite, the radical innovation of GIFs was the ability to display color images. With 256 colors and a built-in transparency, the GIFs have become the standard for web browsers thanks to efficient compression. Although the limitation in image quality in the GIF in the direct comparison is apparent and so the format was at times displaced by JPGs, but due to the alpha channel and the corresponding transparency GIF celebrated in the 2010er years a comeback. On platforms like tumblr, animated GIFs are spreading, and through sites like giphy, companies, broadcasters and film distributors are also using the GIF as an easy-to-implement promotion for social networks and instant messengers. GIFs are also often used for website banners because they allow a display even with poorer, mobile connections. One of the popular issues at GIF remains the debate. While common pronunciation uses a voiced G (GIF as Gabe), inventor Wilhite envisioned it as GIF like jungle – both pronunciations are legitimate.

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