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Like the regular JPEG, JPEG 2000 was developed as a format by the Joint Photographic Experts Group and published in late 2000. But unlike .jpg, the JPEG 2000 can also create lossless compressions and has been specially developed for raster graphics. Since the JPEG 2000 files can also store different metadata, these allow easy and fast creation of larger libraries. Especially in a direct comparison, the JPEG 2000 JPEG provides some key advantages: Higher color depths and resolutions (up to 12 bits: 64,000 x 64,000 pixels) are possible. Even an incremental representation in low-resolution thumbnails can be easily generated from a JPEG 2000 image, even alpha channels and the corresponding transparencies can be output. However, this has a significant disadvantage compared to a JPEG file; a JPEG 2000 requires significantly more computing power in the coding, which many digital cameras can not deliver. Especially continuous shooting would be a real problem. The format JPEG 2000 is therefore used less by private users, but rather in the professional field. In medical technology or encoding for digital cinema (here as a sequence Motion JPEG 2000) the format is used. Even with higher compression, JPEG 2000 avoids the formation of block artifacts through the use of wavelet coding.

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