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The Nikon Electronic Format (NEF) is a raw format from Nikon digital cameras used to store the Japanese manufacturer's digital negative cameras. NEF files work with a significantly higher color depth than comparable JPEGs (12 or 14 bits, instead of 8 bits) and offer greater flexibility than comparable RAW formats such as TIFF. As a result, post-processing values ​​such as white balance, re-sharpening, or hue can be changed as often as desired without changing the data stored in the RAW. NEF allows different forms of storage, which are suitable for different purposes. An uncompressed NEF creates the largest possible file, no compression is used. Even a lossless, compressed file is possible, the file can then be unpacked again. The third NEF variant is the lossy compression, which leads to a slight loss of quality. Nevertheless, the NEF can be edited well, the file is much smaller and can be stored and exchanged better and faster. Dedicated software is required to open and import the NEF files, Nikon's programs such as ViewNX 2 or Capture NX 2 allow viewing and fast export of NEFs. Even image editing software like Photoshop can easily open NEF files. In the application, a NEF image allows for the greatest flexibility in post-processing the photo, but the files are large and can not be opened by many applications.

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