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The file extension ODG is associated with the Open Document Format for Office applications and refers to a graphics file – ODG stands for Open Document Graphics . The file extension is typically .odg or .fodg and the format was published in 2005 with the last format change in 2011. ODG is thus one of the standard files for the free Office Suite Open Office and uses an XML table as the basis for the presentation of all content. This makes the ODG format similar to other open-office files such as odt, as well as Microsoft's .docx or .xlsx formats. As a Gafic file, an ODG file is opened by the free Open Office program Draw, which stores illustrations and scaling vector graphics. The OD formats were developed by the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS). Open Office requires the Open Office suites Open Office, Neo Office, Libre Office, Calligra Suite or plug-ins. Due to this limited readability, ODG is not a universal exchange format and should be converted before shipping.

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