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The file abbreviation PPT is the data format identifier for Microsoft's PowerPoint interactive presentation program PowerPoint. Interactive means that the contents of the individual presentation "slides" in the file can change dynamically depending on the input of the presenter. The term "film" has come to be naturalized and has its origins in the earlier presentations on overhead projector physically produced on physical transparency film with pens. In PowerPoint, comments, underlines and the like by the presenter in electronic form in the document during the presentation are possible analogously. The original program, called "Presenter", was originally invented by California-based Forethought in 1984, heavily developed by software giant Microsoft and has been marketed since 1987 under the new name of PowerPoint. In a PowerPoint file illustrations, photos and moving images in the form of videos in the popular file formats can integrate as well as sound documents. This gives the presentation liveliness, although such effects of professionalism should be used sparingly.

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