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Sometimes it is just not necessary to send a video with sound. But many smartphones such as an iPhone or an Android phone do not offer an easy way to record a video without sound.

To mute a video or remove the sound, just follow these three steps:

  1. Upload your video using the Choose file button
  2. If desired, select a different target format for the video
  3. Click on the red button “Remove audio from video”
  4. Done! The download starts after a few seconds on the next page

Why remove sound from the video?

For example, if you Record a legitimation video or similar, then you can easily remove annoying noises or conversations from the video. In addition, the video file becomes a little smaller as the data for the sound is completely removed. Even with time-lapse videos, the sound is often unnecessary and sometimes even annoying.

Note: The sound is completely deleted from the video and not just muted.

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