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A pages file is a word processing document created by Pages, the free word processor supplied with Apple computers as part of the iWork office suite. If your document has a filename ending in .pages, it is a pages file.
Apple (Mac) desktop and laptop computers can open pages files, and so can an iPad or iPhone with the Pages app.
However, windows and Linux computers usually don’t have software that can open a pages file. Pages is a good format for documents you want to share between Apple computers, or if you want to edit on both a desktop computer and an iPad. So if you want to open and edit your work on a different system, you should save your file in a different format – like .doc if you need your file to be edited, or pdf for a perfect read-only option. offers various options to convert .pages files, including converting .pages to .doc and .pages to .pdf – just like you could do using a Mac.

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