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WEBM is a file format for playing videos and music, similar to other video files like wmv and mp4. Specifically, webm is a container format for audio and video files with the file extension .webm. WEBM was specially developed for use on the Internet and is based on the video codes VP8 and VP9 introduced by Google. WEBM content can be embedded in web pages based on HTML5 and thus represents an alternative to the MP4 format. The format developed by Google is based on the Matroska file format, but is a simplified variant. In May 2010, the company the new data format for the first time. WEBM was developed by Google in order to be able to distribute video content on YouTube using its own license-free format. April 2011 WEBM was introduced on YouTube and made it possible to play videos without browser plugins such as the Flash player that was required until then. WEBM is now supported by most media players, but the best compatibility is achieved with a conversion from .webm to mp4.

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