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The pptx file extension is used by Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 and younger to store presentations. Earlier versions of PowerPoint use the ppt extension. Opening a pptx file launches the PowerPoint software in editor mode. There is another format, ppsx, that will start the slide show presentation right away.

A pptx file is a zip-compressed package that makes use of the Open XML file format developed by Microsoft for its Office suite. It contains the parts of the slide show presentation in separate files: text, images, video etc., together with information that specifies how these elements must be put together. Thus, a pptx file will be much smaller than the ppt file of the same presentation.

Pptx files can be opened and edited with Microsoft PowerPoint starting with version 2007. Free programs that fully support the pptx format are, among others, wps Office and Open Office Impress. The free Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer opens a pptx file just for viewing.

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