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The format Post Script (PS), which was developed in the early 1980s, is one of the standard formats of the American company Adobe. Adobe is the company behind the Acrobat Reader and programs like Photoshop and with the ps format, the foundations for the now more popular format pdf were laid early. PS documents are special files for printing, set the files to vectors. Many programs can export to PostScript, converting fonts and graphics to vectors. In print, this has a very simple advantage of scaling the files with the size of the print. Thus, a PostScript file for business cards and posters – bindings in size and resolutions are not in PS files. The PS format is based on a Turing full programming language, which can be output after encoding printers in any format. Meanwhile, the .ps format is rather uncommon, as it has been replaced by the more readable PDF files. One of the biggest drawbacks of PS is the lack of quick access to individual pages of a document. However, PostScript encoding has been adopted in an expanded form in the implementation of graphics in PDFs and thus outlasts the life cycle of PS files.

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